Buja Boonda

Hutt contact for EM-1


- 209 years old
- vermillion eyes
- motled, navy blue skin
- 3.6 m tall and 11.2 m long (huge size)
- 467 kg
- slim and nimble for a Hutt
- not averse to leaving his domicile
- does things differently than most Hutts
- not afraid of combat
- low, guttural growl
- rumbling, back of throat laugh
- intimidates by slapping tail and slithering/making motions quickly
- enjoys training exotic predators
- has droid and drone bodyguards/attendants


- caught out EM-1 on illegal betting and put him on hand for hacking and other favours
- barely an adult but is up and coming in power

Buja Boonda

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