Droid contact for EM-1


- 36 years
- multi-colored eyes
- shiny amber paint
- 6’9" tall
- 649 lbs
- Administrative droid (first degree)
- data security/entry/search
- police droid
- moves slowly and deliberately
- talks in a crisp, clipped manner
- hasn’t had a memory wipe in 36 years


- caught EM-1 as he was hacking into the police database but because it wasn’t malicious and no data was stolen he didn’t turn him in
- has become friendly with EM-1 but still holds a favour over him

- has a wife (PW-2), a fellow policeman (Otomo chassis)
- owns a cat and dog
- trains service dogs as a hobby
- is a droid rights activist
- involved in the community
- teaches classes on electronic security
- secretly prejudiced to biologicals


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