EM-1 (Awakened One)

Droid PC


- male
- red eyes
- red paint with white highlights
- 6’2"
- 581 lbs
- bipedal, medical droid chassis
- tall and spindly
- heavily modified
- scratched, worn down and dented
- non-threatening and common
- has the knowledge and chassis of a medical droid
- still bound to the Three Laws of Robotics but is breaking his programming
- has been involved in organized crime and underground activities
- has become an excellent hacker, rigger and programmer
- very charismatic
- droid’s rights activist
- not very effective or competent in a fight


- unknown history, he was just alive one day with Karl purchasing him for parts
- is amnesiac but has knowledge of The Force and Jedi outside of his programming

EM-1 (Awakened One)

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