James "Jimmy Six-Nine" Branagh

Human contact for Karlograkhal


- 29 years old
- brown eyes
- black hair in a ponytail
- 6’1" tall
- 238 lbs
- caucasian
- Irish accent
- boisterous
- calls everyone “laddy” and “lassy”
- twirls moustaches all the time
- dresses like an extra from Grease


- the owner of the Crabby Paddy, a well-known Irish pub in the Uscru Entertainment District in Coruscant
- the house band is Blarney’s Tones, who play Celtic music
- he serves authentic Irish pub food and drink
- his wait staff is female and on weekends they highland dance on the bar Coyote-Ugly style
- always hosts the large sports events
- runs a “secure” establishment
- bookie
- met Karl while watching Urban Brawl
- spoke about one of his alcohol provider’s going out of business
- Karl mixes up some Hurlg for him

James "Jimmy Six-Nine" Branagh

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