Kolir Ran

Togruta contact for Aceda


Kolir is always fashionable, no matter where he is. He prefers to wear street fashions whenever he is not in the senate, but is not averse to donning high fashion to impress while “working the aisles”. He’s been the senator for Shili for 21 years (3.5 terms). He currently resides on Coruscant full time, as that’s where the movers and shakers are. He has a summer home in a remote area on Shili where he likes to hunt with a bow and arrows. He tends to take background roles in the senate. He is a peaceful man and always votes with any block that’s advocating cooperation and non-violence. He likes to end up on committees where he can steer the group from the background, out of the eyes of the senate.

He is a mix of John F Kennedy and Justin Trudeau. He’s has moderate to high wealth. He definitely is a man of the people and well liked. He’s currently on his 4th term in office and is still popular. He works very hard for his people.

Age: 62
Occupation: Current – Senator for Togruta
Former – CEO of a Security Firm
Homeworld: Shili
Physical Description: Short for a Togruta (1.35m). He has green skin and yellow eyes.


Kolir first noticed Aceda Tano while catching a meal in a lower end restaurant. Aceda was working there as a singer at the time. Coincidentally, they ended next to each other at an opera several months later. They quickly found they had similar interests in music and their friendship grew out of that. They have similar views on peace, and always try for a non-violent solution. Kolir has used Aceda on several covert missions that advanced his own or his faction’s standing in senate debates – two hostage rescues and one sabotage mission of a slaver’s ship being the most prestigious.

Kolir Ran

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