Droid contact for EM-1


- 17 years old
- blue eyes
- copper skin
- 0.8m tall
- 142 lbs
- maintenance droid (second degree)
- mechanic at the Manservant Chassis Shop
- ultra chipper and chattty
- hyper
- likes dirty jokes but doesn’t really understand them
- somewhat bratty

The G2 repair droid, nicknamed the "goose droid,’ was a model of maintenance droid manufactured by the SoroSuub Corporation. Their acute intellects made them wonderful conversationalists, but also made them flighty and unreliable.

Intended to assist with shipboard repairs, the second-degree G2 repair droid was short, and squat, with a wide, bottom-heavy stance that forced it to waddle when it walked. This trait, combined with its long, multi-jointed neck and widely spaced, weight-distributing feet earned it the nickname of “goose droid.” Each G2 unit had a stripped-down skeletal frame with exposed joints and wiring. Their three-digit heavy manipulators could grasp most repair tools, while their splayed feet aided in stabilizing their low center of gravity and gave them extra stability when dealing with large, heavy equipment. The G2’s most recognizable feature was its binocular head, which contained a vocabulator capable of communicating in both Basic and Binary, two auditory sensors, and a pair of blue or white photorecpetors whose improved sensor packages included telescopic, microscopic, darkvision, and multi-spectrum capabilities.

A custom Sullustan design, the G2 repair droid was introduced by SoroSuub Corporation in the decade following the Clone Wars, available licensed from 5,210 to 6,000 credits.Some customers, mostly family-owned business or pilots of independent starships, found their chatty behavior endearing and allowed their droids to accumulate life experience over time, with many finding themselves utilized as pilots and tour guides for civilian charter vessels instead of repair droids. Many owners even relieved their G2s of jobs and kept them around as companions.

Eventually, a number of G2s achieved an advanced degree of independent thought, resulting in a sudden explosion of wanderlust. In one notorious instance, a team of them stole a fueling freighter and set up their own community on an asteroid in the Chrellis system. The series’ downfall, however, lay with the fact that larger corporations considered them a waste of money due to their tendency to talk rather than work; they generally had no time for the G2’s foolishness and returned the units to the manufacturer, shrinking the line’s market base. Complaints and a high number of returns from large corporations that bought the droids in bulk forced SoroSuub to retire the series in the year 12 ABY. In 14 ABY, however, they reintroduced the line with much fanfare when faced with a surprising outcry from fans of the G2, as well as near-constant requests from small business owners and other individuals.


- created by EM-1
- belongs to the Manservant Chassis Shop
- loves media, trids and games


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