Sheluu-la O'am

Kaminoan contact for Karlograkhal


- 57 years old
- gray eyes
- alabaster skin
- 2.3m tall
- 164 lbs
- talks in a monotone without much emotion
- often looking into the distance
- introspective
- altruistic
- an advocate and activist
- called “Mom” by the battalion’s troops due to her caring nature and how she helped them
- diagnosed with PTSD
- almost always the smartest person in the room
- was one of the best field nurses in the Galactic Army


- was a field nurse in the Galactic Army with Karl
- saw multiple tours of duty
- highest position achieved was head nurse of their battalion
- medical discharge after losing her left arm in an ambush
- received several medals as she helped save many lives despite her injury
- comes from an affluent family (Universal Omnitech) and is well off despite her estrangement from them because of her profession

Sheluu-la O'am

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