Trandoshan contact for EM-1


- 26 years old
- reddish-orange eyes
- yellow-green scales
- 2.1 m tall
- 223 lbs
- your standard aggressive and ornery Trandoshan
- always dressed in camouflage of various kinds
- wears goggles
- bristling with weaponry
- enjoys a good brawl
- let’s his partner do the brokering/talking… mostly
- saves up money to take “outback” vacations and hunt big game (sometimes humanoids)
- very reliable provider of weapons, ammunition, explosives, accessories and armor
- a competent pilot and smuggler
- does not like implants and thinks of them as a crutch


- distantly related to Bossk
- has a business only relationship with EM-1
- introduced by Arv
- initially refused to do business with him
- new to the arms dealer and smuggler game
- no allegiances yet
- has an HRD protocol droid partner


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