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“Teebo emerged from the large structure. He was slightly bigger than most of the others, and undeniably fiercer. His fur was a pattern of light and dark gray stripes. Instead of the usual leathery hood, he wore a horned animal half-skull atop his head, which he’d further adorned with feathers. He carried a stone hatchet, and even for someone as small as an Ewok, he walked with a definite swagger.”
―Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (novel)


Teebo was a Force-sensitive Ewok male; initially a scout, then an apprentice of the shaman Logray and eventually a respected warrior in the Bright Tree Village on the Forest Moon of Endor. He was the older child of Batcheela and Warok and the older brother of Malani.

A close friend of Wicket Wystri Warrick and Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka, Teebo shared a lot of adventures with them in his youth. He was bestowed upon the rank of warrior and presented with the Sacred Horn of the Soul Trees. This newly-found occupation led him and his war party to accidentally capturing the Heroes of Yavin. Teebo participated in the Battle of Endor as one of the Ewok commandeers.

Teebo had a rocky courtship with Latara, eventually getting together with her in his later adolescence/young adulthood. In his spare time, he wrote poetry and on some occasions he played drums.

Living in a cozy hut of three chambers just off the Bright Tree Village main square with his parents and his sister, in his earliest years, Teebo was a loner. He was not keen on learning how to make weapons, hang-glide and determine what vines were safe to swing on. Instead of that, he spending a lot of time sitting on a “secret” branch of one of the oldest trees in the village, daydreaming. He was able to hear colors as rivers moving past him, read animals’ minds and observe tree ghosts. His friends would tease him for this, which he did not seem to mind; His parents decided that their firstborn merely had a vivid imagination.

In his teenage years, Teebo grew more mature and spiritual. As his little sister received a hood and transitioned from a wokling to an Ewok, he was determined to keep an eye on her and take care of her. He also rediscovered his strong powers with the forest creatures, the ability to speak their languages and summon them. At some point, he applied to be Logray’s apprentice. Latara, a fellow teenage Ewok and friend of Kneesaa’s, appeared to be romantically interested in him. His friendship with Wicket and Kneesaa remained strong and they were often joined by Paploo in their adventures. Teebo and Paploo would frequently, due to their opposing personalities and despite his mellow nature, Teebo was no stranger to occasionally being hostile to his friend.

Capturing and freeing the Rebels

Teebo’s search party caught Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, C-3PO, R2-D2, and Chewbacca in a trap likely intended for an animal. Likely fearing the newcomers and not understanding their language, he could not stop poking Solo even after being warned not to and the rebel general and young Jedi were close to either gunning him down or using the Wookiee’s crossbow to scare him. Then C-3PO emerged from the leaf bed and the Ewoks promptly started chanting and bowing to him, assuming he was a deity.

Back at the Bright Tree Village, Teebo had a heated argument with Paploo over what should be done with the Rebels, and they had opposing points of view. After Logray ignored both of them and ordered for the men and R2-D2 to be cooked alive as the main course for a banquet in the “Golden One”’s honor despite the later objecting to it as well as Princess Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker used The Force to lift the droid in his “throne” and spin him around.
Seeing this, Teebo promptly used his axe to free R2-D2 from his bonds, and the droid tumbled down. Upon being helped up, he chased Teebo and zapped his backside twice. Later on, as the Council of Elders was deciding whether to help the Rebels or not, he seemed alive and well, trying to reconcile with R2-D2, but upon being warned by a couple of beeps, opting to jump on Chewbacca instead.

Battle of Endor

After the Ewoks decided they would help the Rebels, Teebo told C-3PO that he, along with Wicket and Paploo, would show the Rebels where the Endor shield generator bunker was. Upon arriving there, he exchanged a couple of words with Paploo, who then stole one of the Imperial Speeders, as a distraction.

Later, seeing their new friends captured, the Ewoks teamed up with C-3PO and R2-D2. The droids then distracted the guards who went after them and were initially thrown stones at by a group of fifteen Ewoks. Teebo, who was sitting in a tree, then sounded three long blasts from his Sacred Horn of the Soul Trees, which was a signal for hundreds of other Ewoks to attack, thus starting the ground assault. After some of the troops were taken down using catapults and balanced wood trunks, Teebo led the next phase of the assault, where the Ewoks were flying skin-gliders, dropping rocks on the stormtroopers, or dive-bombing with spears. He was hit in the wing by a laser and almost crushed by a walker, but Wicket swooped down to save him. After this, they were both hit by a speeder bike and out of the battle for a while.

Recovered, the two childhood friends clinged onto Chewbacca’s back as he took their example and used a swinging vine to jump on a Tempest Scout 2, one of the AT-ST walkers. The Wookiee then dashed the first Stormtrooper who got out to see what hit his vehicle to the ground, while Teebo and Wicket immediately dove into the hatch and subdued the other trooper. They tried to drive the walker, almost causing Chewbacca to fall off its top, but they managed to hit another walker before he came inside to take control over the vehicle. The hijacked walker then destroyed all the remaining ones, paving its way back to the bunker; where Han had managed to hotwire the controls and a wounded Leia took a couple more Imperial soldiers down.

After the battle

As the celebration went on in Bright Tree Village, Teebo played drums alongside Leektar, who was involved with other percussion instruments and another Ewok, who played on Stormtrooper’s helmets, and eventually he reconciled with R2-D2.


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