Star Wars - Legends

Episode I
Terrorist Attack!

We are introduced to the PCs in media res as the Galaxies Opera House is subject to a Sith-orchestrated terrorist attack.

Aceda, a force-sensitive Togruta and the "face" of the party, has accompanied one of her contacts (Senator Kolir Ran of Shili) to an opera. During the opera Aceda begins having a Force Vision.

Meanwhile, Nalit, an Ewok Force adept summoner, finds himself on Coruscant wandering around the Uscuru District because the Force has drawn him all the way from Endor to this location. He knows not why he is there but only that he feels he is where he is supposed to be. EM-1, a droid hacker/rigger, is also in the area people-watching. Karlograkhal, a Yuuzhan Vong shaper/combat medic, is watching an Urban Brawl match at the Crabby Paddy, a popular novelty bar in the District.

Aceda interprets her Force Vision with enough time to get the senator far enough away from the blast radii of multiple cranial bombs that explode, including one in a wookiee found in the senator's retinue. Hundreds are instantly killed and hundreds are grievously wounded in the explosions. The air is filled with the metallic odor of atomized blood and another acrid, acidic smell that none of the PCs have ever experienced before.

Very soon after the cranial bombs go off an albino Togorian, wearing crimson and black heavy armor and wielding a crimson and black falchion, emerges from the stage floor, paints the Sith symbol in blood on a wall and begins stalking towards Aceda, the senator and his bodyguards. As the Togorian stalks towards them she casually slays those around her with her falchion and telekinetic Force powers (ballistakinesis, push, pull and throw). 

Nalit hears the explosions from inside the opera house and immediately runs inside, accompanied by one of EM-1's drones just before the front doors shut. EM-1 begins hacking the system to open the doors while he calls Karlograkhal to come to the site. 

Aceda brings her blaster rifle to bear, Nalit summons Reelaneeroo and EM-1's drone begins bursting gel rounds in order to protect the senator. The Togorian advances inexorably and without retaliating till she levels almost everything around her with Force Repulse. The senator is rag-dolled against a wall, falling unconscious. The Togorian Force Pulls the senator towards her and Aceda counters by Force Pulling but is unable to wrest the senator from her grasp. 

Karlograkhal arrives on scene to find that EM-1 has not been able to get the doors open so he prepares himself for combat and first aid. Shortly after the doors open and the Togorian strides out with the unconscious senator draped over her shoulder. 


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