Star Wars - Legends

Episode II

EM-1, who was being met with significant resistance from someone, had been trying to hack the doors open so he and Karlograkhal can get inside, has finally succeeded only to have the Togorian immediately charge through the entrance and down the street with the senator slung across one shoulder.

EM-1 receives a message from DV-3 that indicates that the live feed from the opera house has been broadcast widely and that the lockdown protocols were sliced. He will be trying to track the data trail. Arv also contacts EM-1 in regards to coding the event into a BTL and putting it onto the market.

People have begun to gather on the street and walkways with their comms out, trying to find out what's going on. The Togorian indiscriminately slaughters the bystanders in between her and the airspeeder she is running towards. The PCs apprehend her with lethal force as the airspeeder starts up, seemingly without the Togorian operating it. The Togorian Force Pushes several people through the air in the direction of the PCs and Nalit responds by head-shotting her with an arrow. The Togorian flies into a rage and heaves her sword through the air at Nalit, cutting him down to the ground, before the sword returns to her hand. EM-1 stabilizes Nalit as he commands one of his drones to attack. Karlograkhal hurls a thud-bug at the Togorian, which misses and returns to his hand. At this point those at the scene panic and begin running away.

Reelaneeroo and Teebo offer some guidance to Nalit while he is unconscious. Reelaneeroo advises him to bend and not break while Teebo advises him to protect those he just fought with and to use the Force. After meeting EM-1, he feels a connection to him.

The airspeeder lifts off, turns and rapidly escapes. Aceda zooms in with her blaster rifle and laces the back of the airspeeder with bolts, inflicting substantial damage and almost causing it to crash. 

CorSec (Coruscant Security Force) is now on scene and are in pursuit of the airspeeder with speeders, bikes and a gunship. CorSec droids are beginning to cordon off the area, detain witnesses and secure evidence. CorSec forces, including another gunship, speeder and bike, are taken down by the Togorian through telekinetics, sword-throwing and physical attacks but not before the airspeeder itself crashes. It is unknown if the senator or Togorian survived.

Karlograkhal, upon seeing that EM-1 has stabilized Nalit, runs inside the opera house to tend to the wounded. He is soon joined by CorSec droids, who begin tending to those too far gone despite Karlograkhal's directions otherwise. He begins to stabilize those around him when he discovers that the cranial bombs are far from standard. They are primarily Yuuzhan Vong biotech with some cybertech components and are of a higher yield than a standard cranial bomb. He pockets some shrapnel to dissect and analyze in his lab later. He also finds the remnants of a couple implanted commlinks in bomb victims, which he is also able to pocket without detection.

Jimmy Six-Nine messages Karlograkhal, telling him that he thinks he knows the Togorian and to stop by the Crabby Paddy later.

As the airspeeder recedes into the distance EM-1 proceeds to hack his way from one camera to the next, attempting to keep track of it. He manages to narrow it down to an area in the underworld.

EMS arrive on the scene and immediately go into the opera house to tend to the wounded. 

Aceda takes over healing Nalit from EM-1, using the Force. She then heads back into the opera house to tend to the wounded. Nalit summons an Ewok Force spirit with healing powers and also heads back into the opera house to help. The EMS are scared of the spirit but are put at ease and convinced to allow them to help by Aceda.

Aceda is messaged by Arodir and the Neti Grand Master Jedi, Helia Nyra. She links Arodir and tells him that she is ok and to not tell Shakoa of the attack for the moment. She then calls Helia and has a terse conversation in which they reluctantly agree to help each other and share info.

Piaillia messages EM-1 in regards to the Senate calling an emergency session and that if he has any useful info on the attack and kidnapping, to message her.

After tending to the wounded the PCs exit the opera house and are detained by Sergeant Ballop (a Gungan) and Lieutenant Tragon (a Kel Dor) for their statements and to be interrogated about the event. The CorSec officers attempt to bring in a translator of their own for Nalit but are Mind Tricked by Aceda into letting her do the translating. 

After the interrogation, the PCs are released from the scene and they set out to the Crabby Paddy. The bar is closed but they go around the back and speak to Jimmy Six-Nine who reveals that the Togorian used to be an enforcer with Black Sun.

The PCs then split up for the evening to recuperate. Nalit heads a nearby hospital to get some bacta treatment then is put up at Aceda's place.

EM-1 spends some time trying to track the data trail of the unknown hacker but can only follow it to a point before it disappears.

Karlograkhal dissects and analyzes the cranial biobombs revealing that they are Yuuzhan Vong biotech and seem to be derived from a bombardier-type beetle (carabid) native to Felucia. He has EM-1 examine the commlinks and are able to discover that there are three locations that were visited by those people and may be worth investigating. 

The next morning Karlograkhal, after intimidating the receptionist, he delivers the biobombs to Doc for him to have a look at.

Episode I
Terrorist Attack!

We are introduced to the PCs in media res as the Galaxies Opera House is subject to a Sith-orchestrated terrorist attack.

Aceda, a force-sensitive Togruta and the "face" of the party, has accompanied one of her contacts (Senator Kolir Ran of Shili) to an opera. During the opera Aceda begins having a Force Vision.

Meanwhile, Nalit, an Ewok Force adept summoner, finds himself on Coruscant wandering around the Uscuru District because the Force has drawn him all the way from Endor to this location. He knows not why he is there but only that he feels he is where he is supposed to be. EM-1, a droid hacker/rigger, is also in the area people-watching. Karlograkhal, a Yuuzhan Vong shaper/combat medic, is watching an Urban Brawl match at the Crabby Paddy, a popular novelty bar in the District.

Aceda interprets her Force Vision with enough time to get the senator far enough away from the blast radii of multiple cranial bombs that explode, including one in a wookiee found in the senator's retinue. Hundreds are instantly killed and hundreds are grievously wounded in the explosions. The air is filled with the metallic odor of atomized blood and another acrid, acidic smell that none of the PCs have ever experienced before.

Very soon after the cranial bombs go off an albino Togorian, wearing crimson and black heavy armor and wielding a crimson and black falchion, emerges from the stage floor, paints the Sith symbol in blood on a wall and begins stalking towards Aceda, the senator and his bodyguards. As the Togorian stalks towards them she casually slays those around her with her falchion and telekinetic Force powers (ballistakinesis, push, pull and throw). 

Nalit hears the explosions from inside the opera house and immediately runs inside, accompanied by one of EM-1's drones just before the front doors shut. EM-1 begins hacking the system to open the doors while he calls Karlograkhal to come to the site. 

Aceda brings her blaster rifle to bear, Nalit summons Reelaneeroo and EM-1's drone begins bursting gel rounds in order to protect the senator. The Togorian advances inexorably and without retaliating till she levels almost everything around her with Force Repulse. The senator is rag-dolled against a wall, falling unconscious. The Togorian Force Pulls the senator towards her and Aceda counters by Force Pulling but is unable to wrest the senator from her grasp. 

Karlograkhal arrives on scene to find that EM-1 has not been able to get the doors open so he prepares himself for combat and first aid. Shortly after the doors open and the Togorian strides out with the unconscious senator draped over her shoulder. 


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